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Natural English

Hi everybody. Have fun with my Forum. Bluesky is a hope. I hope the hope won't be hopeless. It is just a hope. ^_^. However, never give up your hope although it is a small hope

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Exercise two

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em làm thêm vài bài trắc nghiệm nha. có thắc mắc thì hỏi nha. Exercise two 293647
I.Choose the best option to fill the sentence.

1.I haven’t sent a letter to her for a long time. In fact, we have _______________ touch with each other.

A. kept B. taken C.lost D. given

2.You have to study harder to ________________ with your classmates.

A. keep B. take C. catch D. hold

3.Mr and Mrs Jones have been maried for 10 years. They have no children. They are a ________________ couple.

A.child-like B.childish C.childhood D. childless

4.A ________________ driver is the danger to public.

A.careful B.careless C.carefully D. carelessly

5.Burning garbage ________________ unpleasant odour.

A.throws out B releases off D.all are correct

6.This river has been ________________by chemicals. Its water is now unsafe to drink.

A.polluting B.pollution C.polluted D.pollutedly

7.These chemicals are highly _______________. They can cause death or illness if taken into the body.

A.poisonous B.odourless C.contaiminated

8.The floods made thousands of people ________________. They have no place to live in.

A.jobless B.hopeless C.helpless D. homeless

9.To avoid having accidents , everybody should drive ______________.

A.carefully B carelessly C. careful D.careless

10.Scientists and engineers have become key figures in our ______________ society.

A.industry B.industrialize C.industrial D.industrially

11.When there is enough moisture in the atmosphere, it _____________ into different types of clouds.

A.makes B.becomes C.turns D.puts

12.The article he wrote was _______________ of mistakes.

A.capable B.short C.fond D.full

13.Lead and smoke are ______________ in engine exhausts as tiny particles

A. emitting B.emission C.emitted D.emit

14.The air we ________________ in contains more oxygen than the air we breathe out

A.breathe B.take C.fill D.give

15.Which has the same meaning as the underlined words in the sentence below?

He is not accustomed to the left-hand side of the road.

A.interested in B.used to C.worried about D.careful of

16.We were ______________ after doing some difficult exercises.

A.exhausting B.exhaustion C.exhausted D.exhaustely

17.Applicants for government posts are always _______________ before being admitted

A.investigation B.investigated C.investigating D.investigator

18.The university has been famous for medical studies ever since its _______________

A.founding B.founder C.found

19.Everyone is ________________ her, but she isn’t angry.

A.taking notice of B.catching sight of C.making use of D. making fun of

20.They didn’t ______________ his knowledge when they solved the prolem.

A.lose sight of B.take care of C.make use of attention to

21.They don’t appear _____________ in buying the house.

A.interesting B.interested C.fond D.hopeful

22.Vehicles also ________________ air pollution in cities

A.explain B.account C.cause D.provide

23.The __________ painting was given to the gallery.

A.valuable B.peaceful C.helpful D.healthy

24.Burning coal and oil ______________ other gases harmful to humans.

A.turns into B.releases C.becomes D.combines

25.Burning garbage and paper waste pollutes the air with _______________ odour.

A.dusty B.dirty C.unpleasant D.pleasant

26.This is a matter of _______________. They usually show their hospitality and kindness in welcoming strangers in this part of the countries.

A.custom B. convenience C. investigation D.perversity

27. Don’t _______________ to solve the pollution problem overnight.

A. think B. believe C.consider D.expect

28.When you have a problem with the law, you should seek _____________ advice.

A.logical C.sensible D.responsible

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