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Natural English

Hi everybody. Have fun with my Forum. Bluesky is a hope. I hope the hope won't be hopeless. It is just a hope. ^_^. However, never give up your hope although it is a small hope

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The sun's rays were just breaking over the horizon. At a time when most were still asleep, Edward Cole was already wide awake and on his way to the fields. To many, the beginning of a new day was a symbol of hope and happiness. To Cole, it only meant the start of yet another day of work and torture. His future looked bleak.
Marching steadily along with his fellow prisoners, Cole pondered upon his fate. Was he to stay in this dreary place until released by death? Would he, by some chance of fate, be freed? "No!" he thought, "I'm going to escape!"

While working in the fields, Cole explored various ways to escape. After careful consideration he decided that a mass escape would be the best way.

That night, Cole informed his fellow inmates about his plan. A few felt that it was too dangerous but the majority of the prisoners agreed with Cole's plan. It was decided that they would attempt to break free the very next day. Some of the prisoners were to overpower the two guards who escorted them to the fields while the others would cut the telephone lines to the prison. This would allow the prisoners more time to escape before the alarm was raised.

Cole could hardly sleep that night. He lay in bed, thinking of what he would do when he was free. He would go for walks in the park, go to the beach in summer and go skiing in winter. It was after much difficulty that Cole finally fell asleep.

Dawn broke. This time, the day held hope for Edward Cole. Today, he would attempt to break free from this terrible place. He prayed that the escape attempt would be successful. At the usual time, the guards came to bring the prisoners out to the fields. At a pre-arranged signal, the prisoners overpowered the guards and severed the telephone lines. A few shots were fired but none of the prisoners were hit. The shots must have alerted the prison wardens because the prison alarm began to wail. The prisoners scattered and ran off in different directions.

Cole ran towards a nearby village. He managed to get there undetected. The natives were still fast asleep. Cole stole some clothes from a clothes-line and changed out of his prison uniform. He then made his way towards the border. Cole knew that he would be safe once he reached the border. The government of the neighboring country was an ally of England. They would ensure his safe passage back to England. For three days, Cole walked through jungles and swamps. He avoided all roads for fear of being apprehended. he slept a little in the afternoon and spent his nights traveling. The cover of darkness allowed him to avoid detection.

After three days, Cole finally arrived at the border. A guard stood watch at the barrier that separated the two countries. Cole crept stealthily towards the barrier. Gathering all his energy, Cole sprang from his hiding-place and sprinted towards the barrier. Before the astounded guard could do anything, Cole had hurdled across the barrier into friendly territory.

From paragraph 1 :
(a) How did Edward Cole feel about the new day ?
(b) In your own words, explain the meaning of the word 'bleak'.

From paragraph 2 :
(a) Where did Cole want to escape from ?
(b) Explain in your own words, the meaning of 'steadily'.
(c) Explain what you understand by the phrase 'a mass escape'.

From paragraph 4 :
(a) How did Cole plan to escape from prison ?
(b) Explain the meaning of the word 'overpower'. Use only one word.

From paragraph 5 :
What did Cole want to do when he got back to England ?

From paragraph 6 :
(a) Who do you think fired the shots ?
(b) What do you think 'this terrible place' refers to ?
(c) which word in this paragraph means 'cut' ?
(d) How did the prison wardens know that something was wrong ?
From paragraph 7 :
(a) What did Cole do in the village ?
(b) Give one word which has the same meaning as the word 'undetected'.
From paragraph 8 :
(a) What was Cole's occupation before he was caught and imprisoned ?
(b) Which word in the paragraph means 'ran quickly' ?
(c) Explain the meaning of the word 'hurdled'.

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